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Houston Texans Dump Derrick Mason; Jets Officially Receive Nothing for Trade

The Houston Texans waived Derrick Mason yesterday. You might remember the Jets traded him to Houston earlier this year for a conditional Draft pick. The condition was that Mason had to register 32 receptions with the Texans this season for the Jets to get that pick. Mason finished with 6.

Signing Mason did not cost the Jets much. It was a little bit of money by NFL standards. They also got very little out of Mason. Looking back at it, the Jets probably just should have steered clear and gone with Jeremy Kerley out of the slot, who is probably better than Mason at this point anyway. He will also get better with more experience.

Score one for those of you who argued Mason was done over the summer. It will be interesting to see whether any receiver needy team tries to catch lightning in a bottle with the 37 year old. That team will not be the Jets.