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Miami Dolphins Fire Head Coach Tony Sparano

In some big news today from a division rival, the Miami Dolphins have fired head coach Tony Sparano today. Sparano finished 28-31 in his career with Miami.

I was hoping a decent finish would convince the Dolphins to keep Sparano around. I thought he was a .500 coach. He was not in the Rich Kotite zone, but I never really saw any way he really made a huge difference. He was an offensive line specialist, but his lines were weaknesses late in his tenure with Miami.

It will be interesting to see where Miami goes from here. Owner Stephen Ross has a lot of money to spend. He also seems to like making a splash. With that said, he comes off like a Daniel Snyder/Jerry Jones type who gets his name in headlines for wrong reasons like when he honored Tim Tebow's college team this year as his team was playing the Broncos or his failed open courtship of Jim Harbaugh last year while Sparano was left to twist in the wind. A desirable coach like Bill Cowher who can pick his job might be turned off by this.

You have to wonder what kind of impact this will have on a Dolphins team that was already playing out the string when the Jets come to town on New Year's Day.