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Week 14 Rooting Guide

Washington over New England: We keep saying the AFC East is probably hopeless, but a New England loss would not hurt matters at all, particularly one to an NFC team like Washington. The Redskins do not affect the Jets at all.

New Orleans over Tennessee: Once again, an NFC team winning has no impact on the Jets positive or negative. A team fighting for an AFC Wild Card spot losing certainly helps the Jets.

Houston over Cincinnati: I have been pushing the idea of a Houston collapse allowing the Titans to take the AFC South for a few weeks, but this is no time for that. The Jets need the Bengals to lose.

Chicago over Denver: This game should have been a lot more interesting. It should have been Jay Cutler's return to Denver. It is not. This is another NFC team that has no impact on the Jets against a Wild Card opponent.

Green Bay over Oakland: Here is another such game.