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Caleb Schlauderaff Would Start for Brandon Moore

There was an interesting tidbit that came out yesterday. It seemed logical that Vladimir Ducasse would start if Brandon Moore could not play. Moore missed practice all week with a hip ailment, and Ducasse started in his place at right guard in preseason when Brandon was recovering from hip surgery. This is apparently not so.

Ryan said if Moore can’t go, Caleb Schlauderaff would get the start and Gang Green would activate Austin Howard.

Schlauderaff is a rookie from Utah who spent preseason with the Packers. He had a rough time. It was so rough in fact that the Packers did not want him, and he was traded to the Jets. It is tough to get a good read on this. It probably means either Schlauderaff is impressing in practice, Ducasse is not, or some combination of both. In any event, this is hardly a ringing endorsement for the way Ducasse is developing. He was raw coming out of school, but he is apparently now at the end of his second year still behind a much less heralded rookie.

The good news from that article if you click the link is Moore sounds confident he will be able to play.