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Flight Connections 12-10-11

HC Rex Ryan is certain that QB Mark Sanchez won't be booed during introductions tomorrow.

RG Brandon Moore believes he will play on Sunday.

WR Plaxico Burress believes the Jets belong in the playoffs.

Associated Press: RB Shonn Greene hopes to build off of his 3 touchdown game.

RIch Cimini: The Jets found a real gem in OLB Aaron Maybin.

Andrew LeRay: Fast Friday is en route to Necessary Sunday.

New York Magazine: The Jets will try not to screw up another chance.

USA Today: The wild-car drive goes through the Chiefs.

AFC East Blog: No team has been dominated by the division than the Chiefs.

Jersey Jets Fan: The Jets lack identity.

JetNation previews the game.

The Jet Press previews the game.

The Jets Blog shares a priceless experience.

Former Jets and Chiefs OC Charlie Weis is the new Kansas head coach.

Former Jets LB Kenyatta Wright is quoted in this blog.