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Should the New York Jets Give Aaron Maybin More Playing Time?

Cimini points out how productive Aaron Maybin has been as a pass rusher this year.

Based on his production, Maybin deserves more playing time. He has five sacks despite having played only 110 defensive snaps, the best pass-rushing ratio in the league for players with at least five sacks, according to the web site Pro Football Focus.

I am not sure this is such a slam dunk. I think part of the reason Maybin has been so productive has been the way the Jets have limited his use to things he is good at. He comes in on obvious passing downs, and his job is simply to get up the field to the quarterback. He does not have to worry about setting the edge in the run game, an area in which he struggles more.

I would not mind, however, seeing the team experiment more with Maybin playing on non passing downs. The play from Jamaal Westerman, Josh Mauga, and Garrett McIntyre has not been inspiring at outside linebacker. The Jets also have guys strong against the run like Bart Scott who can help cover for Maybin if he took on a role like Dwight Freeney flying up the field on most snaps?

What do you think? Are more snaps for Maybin worth a shot? Might the Jets have the pass rusher they have been seeking on the roster in Maybin?