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Rex Ryan Challenges Fans

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Rex Ryan spoke directly to the fans today with a request.

"That's a challenge I'm taking to our fans this week. We're here, we're undefeated at home and let's make it miserable," Ryan said. "We've talked about that. I think without question our fans are going to be ready. They're going to be excited about this game and be there throughout that whole game.

"Let's see if you can't make them burn timeouts. See if our fans can't make them false start. That'll be the shout out. Our team is going to be ready, there's no doubt. Their team is going to be ready. And I truly believe, I wouldn't ask the fans to do this if I didn't think they can be the difference."

I think the culture of winning Ryan has created around this team will do more than any direct challenge. The fans are going to be up for this huge game. Every fan of this team is excited about the Jets now and will be ready to go.