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2012 NFL Draft: Defence On Show

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A little late but this week there was only one game on TV that I had any interest in. As a defensive person first and an offensive person in a distant secound. #1 LSU took on #2 Alabama in a battle of great defense led by great coaching minds in Les Miles and Brian Sabian. Alabama allowing a minute 6.9 points a game through 8 and LSU allowing just 11.5.

These two teams are stacked with talent on both sides of the ball but especially on defence. Among them are LSU's stand out corner Morris Claiborne, Alabama's corner Dre Kirkpatrick and safety Mark Barron, a player that many here have their eyes on in Courtney Upshaw. Dont'a Hightower for Alabama and we could go on and on and on and on.

Too many players to choose just one

Expecting a defensive battle, you could almost script that the first play goes for 18 yards, the secound for 22 yards and LSU's defense looking all over the place. The 3rd gets stopped for a 5 yard loss and it is game on.

First up some mentions for underclassman and offensive talent

First of all, a quick honorable mention to LSU sophmore safety Eric Reid who I thought was absolutely top class all the way through with his physicality. Tackled well and made the play of the game at the 1 yard line that probably changed the game. Will be watching him closely next year, as this guy has 1st round talent in 2013 or 2014.

Secound honorable mention to LSU's punter Brad Wing, the Freshman Australian import placed more than one kick between the goal line and the five yard line. Oh and a 72 yard punt regardless of bounce is not bad at all. He did have a poor one to start the 3rd but he's a Freshman.

Third honorable mention to Trent Richardson, who is absolutely electric in every way. Carrying the ball, catching the ball, open field moves, vision. The gus has it all. I have no idea how LSU allowed him to get so open when he motioned out the backfield, but boy is it great to watch this guy play football.

Best of the Rest (Defensive)

Claiborne was another player that I was really impressed with, I remember in the first quarter he got back into the endzone to tip a sure TD away from Alabama's Hanks with a laid out athletic defensive play. As mentioned during the broadcast, there are 10 defensive backs playing in this game that will play in the NFL.

It really is hard to select one player from either team for the performance of the week. As a unit both LSU and Alabama are built to play the run. Upshaw beat his blocker every now and again and put some pressure on when LSU decided to drop back and throw, but he also ran himself out of a lot of plays. I also saw a reluctance to get in and tackle the ball carrier on runs on occasions. He did get his sack, his athleticism will always get him to the QB at this level. Lets just say I'm not as high on him as a lot of people are.

There was a real reluctance in this game to throw deep by either team, but especially by LSU (makes sense with the secoundary that Alabama have) which is a real shame as I really like the run coverage of safety Mark Barron, but i wanted to see him play the pass more as I think that is something the next Jets safety has to do. He did pick off a pass as he read the route off the bat and sat and made a break for the ball.

As much as i watched it for defence and got my money worth. I can't select just one player. Eric Reid or Mark Barron would be the closest but he is not an option for 2012

So let me know, who was your player performance of the week this wekeend with an eye to the Jets drafting in 2012?