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Patriots Waive DT Albert Haynesworth

Ian Rapoport is reporting via Twitter that the Patriots have waived DT Albert Haynesworth. This is big news, as the Jets have a surging running game, and the Patriots will need all the help they can get to shore up their defense this week. Bill Belichick seems to be gutting his defense, and I really don't know what his strategy is. It's way too late in the season to get any valuable pickups or trades, so I'm not sure what he's thinking. Teams have until 4pm ET tomorrow to claim Haynesworth off waivers. The question now becomes, should the Jets pick him up?

It sounds like Mike DeVito and Kenrick Ellis will likely be healthy enough to play this weekend, or I would say yes. Haynesworth is a cancer and is extraordinarily lazy. It's not like he is going to have any information about the Patriots that we don't already know. At his best, he is a force, but since he got his payday with the Redskins, has fallen off a cliff. So I say no, do not pick up Albert Haynesworth. What do you think?

Update: CBSSports is reporting that the decision was at least in part due to a confrontation Haynesworth had with an assistant coach during the game against the Giants, after Haynesworth was beat by an offensive lineman on some play. Haynesworth finished the game without a tackle for the fourth time this season.