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Running Success Bodes Well for Passing Game Against New England Patriots

The first time the Jets played the Patriots this year, the Jets were struggling to find success in the run game. That is not the case now. New York is coming off probably its two most efficient games on the ground. The offensive line is getting a push, and Shonn Greene is hitting his holes. This is a good thing. It might be counterintuitive, but this is going to help New York exploit the Pats' suspect secondary.

With the return of success on the ground, the Jets have been utilizing play action more the past few weeks. Because the defense has to respect a good run game, men up front have to hesitate and play run first. This prevents them from getting upfield as pass rushers quickly. It gives an opportunity for long developing routes to succeed.

The Pats are getting gashed through the air. They are allowing 314 passing yards per game. Think about that. On an average week, the other quarterback has a 300 yard game. That is unspeakably bad. The Jets were hesitant to exploit the holes down the field in the secondary back in October when the run game was struggling. With renewed confidence in play action, that could change.