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Game Ball: Sione Pouha

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Nose tackles are not frequently their team's leading tackler. Their job is to tie up blockers so that linebackers have easy tackles in the run game. When the man on the nose is bringing down ball carriers, it is usually near the line of scrimmage, making the run defense very successful.

Sione Pouha led the Jets Sunday with 7 tackles. Do not be deceived by a few big runs the Bills had which padded the stats. Sione dominated the point of attack. He needed to do that too. The Bills run a spread offense, which means extra defensive backs need to play in place of big run stoppers like linemen and linebackers. Pouha did not have much help if he lost his battle. That seldom happened, though.

New York largely bottled up Fred Jackson. This forced the Bills to try and gain their yardage through the air against stifling coverage by the talented corners the Jets have.

There were plenty of standouts, but Pouha gets my game ball. Who gets yours?