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Jim Leonhard Fires First Salvo at New England Patriots

You knew heading into a game with the Patriots that the Jets were not going to be quiet. The first shot came from an unlikely source, soft spoken safety Jim Leonhard.


They're not invincible. They're a great football team, but they've got beat by some pretty good teams, as well. I don't think they're going to panic up in New England, and we're not going to feel sorry for them, either.


He is 100% right, but I am sure this otherwise pretty innocuous comment is going to get a ton of publicity from all quarters. The media really enjoys hyping up Jets-Pats games by giving a ton of attention to every comment that comes from a Jet regarding their rivals from New England that portrays the Pats in a less than flattering light. None of it really matters. The Pats beat the Jets when they execute better, and the Jets beat the Pats when they execute better.