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Illegal Streaming and You (Duck and Cover)

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This image is actually what you could see one day you come to GGN if we don't actively police and remove users/comments promoting illegal NFL streams.

This article from our SBN sister blog MSM discusses the efforts being made by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to crack down on illegal stream promotion in blog rings. They also address the consequences bloggers face for allowing or encouraging such behavior. One such consequence, although extreme, could be seizure by the government. 

We really don't care who you bilk and what you do with yourself is your business, but it must stay off this site. No asking for streams, no sharing of streams, no full partial or hinted websites. Don't even tell a person to look for streams on Google or the rest of the internet. There is no legitimate streaming network or entity that I am aware of, do not ask. This is for liability purposes. The reason I'm posting this as an article is because people need to be told time and again not to do this. It applies to every single facet of this site; no streams. If you ask for a stream your post will be deleted and you will be warned. If you post a stream link your post will be deleted and you will be banned. Although you may appeal, consider this article to be the only warning you will receive. From this point forward ignorance will not be a defense, you know it's illegal.

As far as non-GGN consequences go, the government and the NFL typically pursue people who either host or distribute the stream if they are able. Viewers are unlikely to be punished, but viruses, false sites, and all sorts of wacky plug ins are hazards of the grift. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as anonymity on the internet. Your internet provider knows exactly who you or your family are, and they likely are a major media corporation or subsidiary whose interests are greatly harmed by your stealing of cable/FOX/CBS/NBC/ESPN/NFL material. Just keep in mind that very little in this life is free. I'm not trying to give you a moral lecture here, just dictate site policy. I want you to know that when you are on those sites, a HSI agent is likely in there with you downloading the stream and watching what you say. This isn't tin foil hat rantings, this is reality. Homeland Security is arresting people, and I want you to be informed.

There are some interesting news articles/opinion pieces from around SBN regarding this topic here, here, here, here's some Bears fans interesting way to see the game, here's a BR post on a streamer getting busted and this is a SBN dissenting piece that I in no way endorse.

Do what you want, just watch what you post here.