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Shonn Greene Is All Right

You might have noticed Shonn Greene sitting on the bench in the waning moments of the fourth quarter with Jets staff tending to him. There is some good news on that front.

Jets RB Shonn Greene, who finished with 76 yards on 19 carries, took a hit to the head in the fourth quarter and left the game. He didn’t return although he did not have a concussion.

"I’m OK," he said after the Jets’ 27-11 victory. "I got dinged up a little bit. As I started going toward the sideline, I started feeling weird. I had to go through [a concussion] evaluation. I could’ve come back, but we were ahead in the fourth quarter and it would not have made sense."

Greene is really starting to play well so this is good news, It is probably a case where he was fine to return to the game, but there was no reason for the Jets to put him back in with the score out of reach.