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Jets Dominate in Buffalo

The Jets are now 5-3. They totally dominated the Bills, registering a 27-11 win. It should have been even worse, but New York made a number of unforced mistakes in the first half. Those were frustrating, but they were the only bad to come from the game. The offense click aside from some dumb plays, and the defense thoroughly dominated Buffalo's respected passing game.

Heading into this game, I felt like there was a chance the Jets could lose. I was completely expecting a win and told many people I would not be surprised to see New York win by a few scores. This one went pretty much as I expected it to. I thought the Jets gave Buffalo some matchup nightmares.

Next week's showdown with New England looms large. The Jets had a key two game stretch of divisional games coming out of the bye. One down, one to go. The schedule really opens up after the Pats game. The Jets could be primed for a big finish.

Celebrate below. I will have the official recap up this evening.