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New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Second Half Thread

The Jets lead the Bills 3-0 at the half. The good news is that the defense has absolutely dominated Buffalo's offense. Near the end of the first half, Ryan Fitzpatrick looked completely lost. He was just throwing the ball up for grabs to blanketed receivers.

The bad news is the Jets only lead by 3. New York has blown opportunities to deliver a knockout blow because of turnovers and penalties despite gaining good yardage and putting together long drives. This could easily be a three score game or even a four score game. Some unforced errors have kept Buffalo within striking range.

Let us keep up the dominating defense and hope the offense learns how to finish a drive. This game has blowout written all over it if the Jets can do so.

Leave your second half thoughts below. As always, please refrain from providing links to any illegal streams broadcasting the game.