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The Runway: Five Questions With Buffalo Rumblings, Part 5

My final question for Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings asks him to put on his analyst hat and give us some key matchups.

Give me one matchup that favors the Bills you want them to exploit and one matchup favoring the Jets you are afraid they will exploit.

I really like Fred Jackson against the Jets' defense. The Bills run the ball in a unique way that requires opposing defenses to effectively defend the run with six defenders (sometimes seven) in the box. Most defenses the Bills have faced have not been able to do so this season - and if the Jets get overly aggressive trying to disrupt the timing of Buffalo's offense, Jackson has been absolutely torching defenses on the screen pass this year. Not only do I want to see Jackson exploit the Jets' defense, but it is absolutely imperative if the Bills want to win.

Objectively, I also really like the Jets' secondary against Buffalo's passing game. Those corners are more than capable of completely taking the Bills' edge threats out of the game, and we haven't seen enough from the Bills' secondary receiving options this season to be comfortable predicting they'll break out. Add in Rex Ryan's exotic style - I expect to see something totally unique from him this week - and I'm expecting a pretty bad game from Fitzpatrick, at least compared to what we've gotten used to this year.

I'd like to thank Mr. Galliford for stopping by as he does twice each year. Check out Buffalo Rumblings for the best Bills coverage you can find.