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The Runway: Five Questions With Buffalo Rumblings, Part 3

My third question for Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings deals with his team's defense. Despite a good record, the Bills have one of the worst statistical defenses in the league. They showed major signs of life last week in a blowout win against the Redskins. Have they turned the corner? Brian has an answer to this question.

We saw some signs of life from the Bills last week, particularly from the pass rush. Is this a one week thing or the start of a turnaround?

On that front, I'd imagine it's a one-week thing. John Beck is the worst quarterback in the league, bar none, and that banged-up line in front of him wasn't much better. They have no legitimate pass rushers, and therefore need to dial up risky blitzes to get heat on quarterbacks. That necessity can leave them exposed to big plays; it just hasn't happened a ton yet.