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Will the New York Jets Bring Back Concepts Used Against the New England Patriots?

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The Bills are like the Patriots. Both teams like to spread the field with multiple receiving options and throw it around. With this in mind, I wonder whether the Jets might revisit the game plan they used so effectively against the Patriots in the Playoffs last year.

The Jets have been sticking with coverage concepts a lot more than they used to under Rex Ryan since the Playoffs last year. This seems like a good idea against the Bills. Buffalo's offense is all about quick reads. Two out of three of their throws travel less than ten yards. As conservative as the Jets have been at times, even their offense does not approach this number. This means sticking with a coverage based scheme is probably the best idea. Blitzes might not have time to get to Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills have one of the best pass protecting backs in the game in Fred Jackson to help picking them up.

What the Jets did to the Patriots was load the short zone with players to make very tight throwing lanes. Tom Brady made some plays, but he had to be incredibly precise. That is difficult to do consistently even for somebody as great as Brady. The Jets have a big edge because Darrelle Revis can take away a large chunk of the field on his own.

The Jets dared New England to attack deep in that game by stacking everybody short. The Pats did not have the receivers on the outside who could burn Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie on the outside. Ryan Fitzpatrick similarly is a 67% passer this year, but that number falls into the 20's on deep throws.

This also exposes the run defense because few guys in the box and everybody playing pass creates opportunities. Guys like Sione Pouha and David Harris would need to win their matchups to shut down the run game just as they did last year. These guys have underperformed a bit, but they are entirely capable.

I think this formula can give the Bills a lot of the same fits it gave New England.