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Using Joe McKnight on Punt Returns Might Be a Good Idea This Week

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Brian Moorman ranks fourth in the league among punters with an average of 49.8 yards per kick. The Bills have not been very good covering punts, though. The 11.7 yards they allow per return put them in the bottom third of the league. Further, there has only been one fair catch against the Bills this year. It seems to be a case of Moorman's big leg working against him at times outkicking his coverage.

With this in mind, I would like to see the Jets use Joe McKnight as a punt returner this week. I understand McKnight has turned some of his returns into adventures. I think he should be two deep with Jim Leonhard back there. I like the idea of having two deep on returns anyway. It provides the return man with a lead blocker who can take out the most necessary coverage man. Any short kicks are likely to have a weird spin on them so you have Leonhard's sure hands and sound judgement back there for those.

McKnight could take the booming punts where there is plenty of time to make the catch and defenders not bearing down. Buffalo's coverage unit is vulnerable. I would love to see a situation where the Jets find an extra way to get the ball into the hands of their most explosive player in space.