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Can the New York Jets Keep Mark Sanchez Up?

Over the past three games, New York's pass blocking has improved tremendously. Wayne Hunter got off to a rough start this year, but he has found his groove and is playing at the same solid level he was at late last season. Nick Mangold missed some time also. Now the five man group that helped propel the Jets to the AFC Championship Game last season is back and playing at its standard high level.

The Buffalo Bills are an interesting team when it comes to rushing the passer. Their defense had four sacks in its first six games. Buffalo registered ten a week ago, though. Was this a one week fluke against a bad Washington team with a mediocre quarterback? It is possible. Buffalo's scheme is not very exotic. We have heard all year about how the Jets are playing a lot more coverage. They still blitz 1.77 secondary players per pass for every member of the secondary the Bills blitz. Marcel Dareus had a big game getting to the quarterback, but there is nobody terribly scary coming off the edge.

Mark Sanchez is at his best when he has time for things to develop and can perhaps improvise a bit. The Jets spent on receivers this offseason with the idea they could make some big plays getting open if the quarterback has time. With the offensive line struggling early in the year, the Jets had trouble producing on any long developing routes. When Sanchez has time, it put tremendous pressure on the coverage. Receivers can break routes. Sanchez can also draw defenders out of zone coverage with a threat to scramble.

Against a pass defense that gives up a lot of yardage, the Jets could be in for a nice day from Sanchez if the offensive line can hold up in protection.