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News of the Week: Eric Smith is Playing Less

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Hey folks. Today I have some good news. Jenny Vrentas is reporting via Twitter that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine has said that he would play S Eric Smith less on defense with Brodney Pool back from his MCL sprain. Against the Denver Broncos, Smith played every snap (56) on defense. Against the Buffalo Bills, he played only 47 of 70 snaps.

I'll be honest with you, Pool didn't look great in the few times I noticed him in the Bills game. Neither, of course, did Eric Smith. Our safety issues are well documentated and I don't need to waste your time to get the point across that neither is a world-beater. But I think most will agree that Pool is better in coverage and a bigger playmaker than Eric Smith. When's the last time you said to yourself, "Man. Smith just made a GREAT play!" Off the top of my head, at least you can say that about Pool who had an awesome toe-tapping sideline pick against the Patriots last year. I think Pool will likely get better with more reps, while Smith will never be what I like to call "good."

I'm sure hearing that Smith will be playing less is great news to most of you. I wouldn't even be surprised if new S Tracy Wilson gets a few reps in a game. Let us know what you think in the comments below.