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Regular Run Stoppers Will Not Have Much Help Against Buffalo Bills

The Bills like to spread the field. Even when they run the ball, they usually do not have a lead blocker. Five wide receivers have seen more snaps than the fullback. Corey McIntyre only averages about 7 snaps per game.

This means it will be a week where the Jets will be in a subpackage for most of the game. It also makes the job the big men up front, particularly Sione Pouha, Bart Scott, David Harris, and Mike Devito (if he plays) even more important than usual.

The Bills have not exactly been a model of competency the past decade. One example has been at the running back position. In that span, they have used three first round picks on running backs. Their best back is undrafted Fred Jackson, who is having a huge year.

Jackson is speedy and decisive when he has open space, which his team's spread attack creates. With more "small's" on the field for New York, a to this point underachieving front is going to need to play up to its potential to slow down the run game. The safeties will also likely be asked to play pass first to try and slow down the multireceiver attack. There is more pressure than usual on the key run stoppers because there will not be help from other places.