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How Sharp Will the New York Jets Be Out of the Bye?

Rex Ryan gave the Jets six days off during the bye to get fresh. Considering the grind the football season can be and the key players battling injuries, this makes sense. It does remind me a bit, though, of how Rex gave his team the entire bye week off a year ago.

The Jets came out of that bye looking totally out of sync offensively in a shutout home loss against the Packers. New York could not find a rhythm. Taking time off can come with a price, losing sharpness.

The Jets could afford a bad game out of the bye last year. They entered it 5-1 in great shape for the Playoffs. This year is different. The team is 4-3 with two huge divisional games on the horizon. A flat game this week could be pretty damaging.

The new CBA mandated that teams had to give their players four days off during the bye so this point is a bit moot. Will all of the extra rest hurt, though? I think the Jets present Buffalo with a ton of problems when looking at the matchup. One big question is whether the team will be sharp or whether it will be shaking rust.