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Darrelle Revis Talks About Bad Game

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Darrelle Revis spoke yesterday to the press about his worst game of the year.

"It was a lot of underneath throws," Revis said. "He caught five-, seven-, 10-yard catches. In our defense, we can live with that. We move on. The one thin we really focus on is getting beat deep. That’s the thing. It was what it was."

That is the way it looked to me too. It seemed like Revis was not being overly physical at the line. He was shading hard to the outside to take away the sideline and force Johnson back inside. The Bills executed well on a lot of slants. Revis was not necessarily in terrible coverage for most of them. They were just good throws and catches. It was good execution as much as anything.

It is like Darrelle says. Eliminating big plays is key. It takes seven catches at ten yards a pop to do as much damage as one reception that goes for seventy yards. If opponents can only find success dinking and dunking, the Jets can live with that. This approach requires a lot of consecutive good execution to matriculate the ball all the way down the field, which is a challenge against a bad defense let alone the one the Jets put out there.

I would imagine teams will now try and test Revis on slants, and Revis is going to make them pay.