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Flight Connections 11-29-11


Gang Green has a strength of victory edge on the Tennessee Titans right now.

HC Rex Ryan doesn't mind getting lucky.

Rich Cimini makes an assumption that QB Mark Sanchez was angry at the defense late in the game.  It looked to me like he was just fired up.  I also noticed that Mark didn't high five the extra point team so I guess he was being passive aggressive with them.

CBS New York gives props to WR Plaxico Burress.

C Nick Mangold hopes the line can play consistently well.

RB Shonn Greene played through his rib injury.

DT Sione Pouha comments on Bills WR Stevie Johnson's plane crash.

CB Darrelle Revis sacrificed some yards instead of getting beat deep, while the defense focused on stopping the run.

Lil Miss NYJet: If 75 yards means a bad game, I'll take it.

New York Times: The secondary leaves itself open to criticism.

The Fifth Down: For the Jets, a victory that exposed some weaknesses.

Associated Press: The Jets aim to improve.

Wall Street Journal: For the Jets, not many happy returns.

SNY Why Guys recalibrates the division.

The Jets Blog gives out game balls.

Newsday grades the Jets.

JetNation grades the Jets.

Buffalo Rumblings reacts to Johnson's touchdown celebrations.

SB Nation defends ridiculous touchdown celebrations.

New York Times: The perils of celebrating before anything's won.

Deadspin: The four types of lies in pro football.

Former Jets WR Braylon Edwards reveals an injury.

It's kinda sad that this Onion article is more sad than funny.