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Emanuel Cook Cut?

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I have some very strange news to report. Jenny Vrentas is reporting, via Twitter, that S Emanuel Cook's locker has been cleared out, and that he may have been cut. She's also reporting that OLB Ricky Sapp is back in the locker room. This is some weird and disconcerting news. As far as I had known, Cook was fairly entrenched as a key special teams player. He had the huge recovery yesterday of the botched squib kick that John wrote about. As such, this is very unexpected. Once more information, and a confirmation, is posted, I'll have more to report, but for now this is what I've heard. Tell us what you think about this potential development below.

Edit: Let me clarify. This is not official. Typically when this sort of thing happens, all of the beat writers report it and we quickly get a confirmation from the team. In this case, Vrentas is reporting it, and Cimini retweeted her statement. Mehta has not commented on this at all, and neither has the team. That's why I have the question mark in the title; there has not been any sort of official confirmation yet.

Update: It is now official. Emanuel Cook has been released, and S Tracy Wilson has been elevated from the practice squad to replace Cook. Wilson is a rookie out of Northern Illinois. He is 6'2" and 203 pounds. He's also a free safety. See my earlier report on Wilson here.