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Jets Somehow Get a Win

The Jets ended their losing streak today and moved to 6-5 on the season with a 28-24 win over the Bills. Even in victory, today does not feel completely satisfying. The Jets really solved none of the major issues that have been plaguing them. The Jets easily could have lost this game had it not been for some lucky bounces. It is also time to end the argument over whether the team's real problems are the players or the coaches. Both are, and the issues start at the top. I dare anybody who watches this team on a weekly basis to suggest otherwise.

Now a win beats a loss. Even though this game did not fix the team's problems, it buys the Jets some time. It is not too late to get the problems straightened out. In the NFL, sometimes getting in and getting hot at the right time is what a team needs. I am still unconvinced this team has what it takes, but at least it is in the win column.

Leave your thoughts below. I will have the official recap up when I can.