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Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Second Half Thread

The Jets and Bills are tied 14-14 at the half. As I said in the original game thread, this was an opponent tailor made for the Jets to get healthy against. As usual, the Jets have failed to get healthy. In fact, it feels like the Bills should be up by two touchdowns. The Jets have caught some breaks to keep them in this one. It is always difficult to say this with certainty, but it sure looked like the Jets came out really flat in what is the most important game of the year to date. Hopefully a lot changes in the second half or we could spend the day lamenting the end of this team's Playoff hopes.

The defense has not been dominant but is playing reasonably well. The offense continues to look like a trainwreck.

Buffalo will receive it to start the second half. Leave your second half thoughts below. Do not post any links to illegal streams broadcasting the game.