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Talking Points Announcers Will Beat Into the Ground Today

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You know, when the Bills and the Jets met three weeks ago, they were playing for the AFC East lead. Today they are playing for their lives.

You know, neither team has won a game since that first meeting in Orchard Park.

You know, the Bills also got off to a fast start in 2008, but a loss to the Jets at home that year sent them into a downward spiral which lasted the rest of the year.

You know, the Patriots dominate the AFC East so these teams are chasing them.

You know, both starting quarterbacks in this game have struggled a lot since their last meeting.

You know, Aaron Maybin was cut by the Bills in training camp, and this is now his second game against his former team.

You know, the Jets brought in former Bills tight end Shawn Nelson in for a few weeks, but he was cut before seeing any game action.