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Week 12 Rooting Guide

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Cleveland over Cincinnati: Cleveland is a game behind the Jets so as long as New York takes care of business, the Browns cannot hurt them. The Bengals are a game ahead of the Jets in the Wild Card race. New York needs them to lose.

Jacksonville over Houston: It would be a roundabout way to make the Playoffs, but it is entirely possible the Texans implode without Matt Schaub, allowing the Titans to take the division and taking out a Wild Card competitor in the process. Jacksonville winning does not hurt the Jets so we can play around with this possibility.

Tampa Bay over Tennessee: The more conventional way to get rid of the Titans is just for them to lose. An NFC team like Tampa Bay has no impact on the Jets.

Oakland over Chicago: Oakland winning the AFC West is probably the best thing for the Jets. They do not want to have to get involved with Wild Card tiebreakers against a team they have a head to head loss against.

Philadelphia over New England: The division is probably gone, but an NFC team like the Eagles beating the Pats would certainly help matters.

San Diego over Denver: With a head to head loss, the Jets do not want to stay even with the Broncos as they are now. Since they are a game ahead of the Chargers with a head to head win, a San Diego victory would be better.

Kansas City over Pittsburgh: Because the Jets have a head to head loss to the Ravens, it would be better for them to see Baltimore win the division and compete with the other AFC North squads for a Wild Card. A Kansas City win would not be too bad because the Jets lead the Chiefs by a game and have a chance to beat them coming up.