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Top Five Defensive Plays From Last Week

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Before we head to today's game, a new sponsor has asked that we look back at the top five plays the Jets made on defense last week. Despite the ugly finish, the defense played extremely well so there are quite a few contenders. We will have a poll at the end of the post.

Our five contenders in chronological order:

2-9-NYJ 29; 10:43 1st Quarter

The Broncos bring Eric Decker in motion from right to left before the snap and hand it to him on a sweep at the snap. Running left, he looks to throw to Demaryius Thomas running a vertical route on Antonio Cromartie, but Cromartie is in good coverage, and Decker has to throw it away.

4-1-NYJ 2; 9:55 1st Quarter:

Willis McGahee takes the fourth down handoff and runs right, but Mike Devito gets penetration, clearing space for David Harris to make the tackle for no gain.

2-6-DEN 47; 0:32 1st Quarter:

McGahee takes the second down handoff left but is met by a pair of Jets at the line of scrimmage. One of those Jets, Calvin Pace, rips the ball away from McGahee. Bart Scott picks it up and races it 9 yards to set up a Jets field goal.

2-3-NYJ 41; 7:27 2nd Quarter:

On a second down play, Devito again gains penetration on an option left. Because the lineman gets penetration, Tim Tebow has to pitch the ball left early to Jeremiah Johnson. Garrett McIntyre was supposed to have Tebow on the outside, but because Devito was able to get him, McIntyre can fly to Johnson along with Bart Scott, who had the pitch man. They converge to make a tackle for a loss of seven.

3-2-DEN 16; 8:08 4th Quarter:

On a third and two, David Harris meets Spencer Larsen head on for no gain on a dive.