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The Harder the Challenge, the Greater the Glory

I have been a Jets fan my whole life. My fandom wasn't born in a time of glory and success. It was born to a team that has seen only mediocrity. I have seen QBs and coaches come and go like tourists, but my love for this team has never wavered. Out of this mediocrity, grew hope. A hope that someday we will taste the glory that many other teams have tasted. I take the mediocrity, and use it to fuel my love. With each loss, and each disappointing end to a season, came a thirst for the future. If you love this teams as much as I do, then we don't let losses come between us and our team. We don't root against our green and white idles. When things are down, we should love them even more.

When I saw what Dolphin fans were doing at the beginning of the year, with Luck, I was disgusted. You can have Elway reenter the draft, and I would still never hope for a loss to get him. Once you go down that path, you would have officially sold out. I wouldn't be able to sit there and call myself a fan, knowing I betrayed my team. They put their lives on the line to entertain us, and to cheer against them would be a slap in their face.

Where am I going with this? Even though a loss tomorrow would probably mean the firing of an offensive coordinator, we don't particularly like. You won't see me rooting for a loss. It's times like these where we are needed most. No matter what our shortcomings are, they aren't impossible to overcome. Our task is an improbable one, but it's been that way my whole life as a Jets fan. Tomorrow, when we square off against the Bills, I will be there to cheer my team on no matter how they are doing. I only ask that you all do the same.