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Shonn Greene Could Be Primed for a Big Game

The Jets should hope Shonn Greene plays this week. All the signs point to a chance for him to produce a big game. The numbers from the first meeting where New York's streak of 200 yard rushing games against the Bills ended at four are a tad deceiving. The Jets were efficient rushing it, consistently picking up productive yardage considering down and distance before the game got out of hand.

The Jets have an edge on the interior line. Buffalo's best player, tackle Kyle Wilson is out for the year. Rookie tackle Marcel Dareus has been a productive pass rusher but is not as far along in the run game. It will be possible for the Jets to win that matchup with one of their strong run blocking interior linemen. When a team wins the battle inside decisively, it allows other blockers to hit the second level.

The Bills have improved against the run on paper, but I thought Reggie Bush had some holes to hit last week. He just did not finish his runs. This is part of the reason Greene playing would be significant. He is a more punishing runner than Joe McKnight or LaDainian Tomlinson. Say what you will about him, but he hits his holes hard and grinds out difficult yardage.

I also expect the Jets to try and fix Mark Sanchez the same way they always do when he struggles. That means taking the ball out of his hands and providing a heavy dose of the run. That could mean a big game for Greene.