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New York Jets to Change Pass Protection Schemes

Matt Slauson provided an interesting nugget for the press yesterday.

Ryan has also made some schematic adjustments to better protect Sanchez. For much of the season, the line was "staying tight to the middle" with the guards and centers, according to Slauson, which put additional stress on the tackles. The results haven’t been pretty. Edge rushers Andre Carter of the Patriots and Von Miller of the Broncos combined for six sacks en route to earning AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors in consecutive weeks.

"Teams have figured out our protection schemes," Slauson said. "We’re doing different stuff this week that you'll see in the game."

I do not think the problems are schematic. It is more that guys are consistently losing their battles on the edges. D'Brickashaw Ferguson is not having a typical year, and Wayne Hunter's play has been well below average. Blocking schemes do not work because they confuse an opponent. They work because blockers win matchups. The Jets are not doing that up front right now. I am not sure there is an easy fix. When the Jets try and give Hunter help with Matthew Mulligan, he has frequently blocked the wrong guy and left Mulligan alone one on one in a mismatch against an edge rush.