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Happy Thanksgiving From GGN

On behalf of the staff of GGN, I would like to wish everybody a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Be careful today if you have to travel to your Thanksgiving meal.

I would like to share some good news on the site. Yesterday GGN went over 5 million total hits. I will not bore you with a long thank you, but thanks for coming here 5 million times over the past 3 years and change.

We have some pretty good football today. You know how year after year people said that one of these years the Lions would have a good team, and their Thanksgiving game would be a big one? That year is this year. They host the undefeated Packers in a huge NFC North showdown. Dallas hosts a Miami team showing life after that, and the nightcap of Baltimore and San Francisco features a pair of contenders coached by brothers.

The first game does not matter to the Jets. Now that Miami is safely out of Andrew Luck range, it would be nice to see them start losing again so I am pulling for Dallas. In the nightcap, the Ravens are competing with the Jets for a Playoff spot so pull for San Francisco.

You can use this as a game thread if you are near a computer or have a mobile device and want to talk about the games.