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Are the Buffalo Bills What the Doctor Ordered?

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As bad as things are for the Jets, they are even worse right now for the Buffalo Bills. They have been outscored 106-26 in the past three games. The first of those was against the Jets.

I am leery of saying the Jets match up well with anybody, but a lot of the same issues exist for Buffalo that held last time. Their offense is based on getting the ball out quickly, but the coverage Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie, and Kyle Wilson put on took away the first read. The defensive front is starting to play the run to its capabilities as it did that day, dominating the point of attack before garbage time even with a small lineup on the field. Their defense struggles to stop either the run or the pass. Mark Sanchez had a big game despite some unforced errors.

Simply put, this an opponent tailor made for the Jets to get healthy against. If they cannot do so, this could be a very long end to the season.