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Week 11 Rooting Guide

I understand the Jets' hopes of making the Playoffs appear dim right now, but the picture could at least improve a bit based on what happens this weekend. Keep this in mind when you watch the games.

Minnesota over Oakland: The Raiders lead the Jets by a half game in the AFC Wild Card picture. They also hold the tiebreaker with a head to head win. The Jets will need to have a better record to beat them out for a Playoff spot so Oakland needs to start losing. There is no better team to beat the Raiders than one from the NFC since that team will not gain on the Jets the way and AFC team would.

Miami over Buffalo: This has three impacts. It hurts Buffalo in the Wild Card and AFC East races. It hurts Miami's Draft position. Finally, it sends the Bills reeling into the Meadowlands next weekend.

Baltimore over Cincinnati: I think the Jets would rather have to compete with a young Bengals team that might not be ready for prime time for a Wild Card spot than a Baltimore team that has already beaten New York head to head. Baltimore can run away and hide with either the AFC North or the first Wild Card slot, and it might not be the worst thing for the Jets.

Atlanta over Tennessee: Once again, an NFC team winning has no impact on the Jets. An AFC Wild Card contender losing helps them, though.

Chicago over San Diego: Same concept.

Kansas City over New England: You could probably debate this one since passing the Pats for the division seems less likely in a vacuum than snagging a Wild Card. I think the Chiefs are shaky enough that they will fall back no matter what. The Jets have less teams to pass in the division race than the Wild Card. I do not think New England is completely out of the woods. They are capable of losing more games down the stretch since their defense cannot stop anybody except the Jets.