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Joe McKnight to Get More Touches Against Buffalo Bills

Rex Ryan expects Joe McKnight to be more involved with the offense this week against the Bills.

Now, in another game against Buffalo that has much more meaning, Jets coach Rex Ryan expects McKnight to again play a bigger role.

"Absolutely he'll get more opportunities this week," Ryan said.

"I think he's earned it and he's done a great job even as a receiver," Ryan added. "(Buffalo) is using (C.J.) Spiller a lot as a receiver too. You get an explosive athlete and you look for ways to use him and I can see us using him a little more this week."

The only real question here is why it took so long for the Jets to go in this direction. McKnight has shown how dangerous he can be on kickoff returns. Nobody is expecting him to get 25 touches, but he certainly can see more work and stay fresh enough to excel as a return man. He is a guy the defense always has to account for. Even using him as a decoy to draw attention frees other people up. In the limited snaps he has gotten to this point, it has been obvious he is going to get the ball. It is nice to hear he Jets plan to use him within the flow of the regular offense now.