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Cornerback Approval Rating

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This is an approval rating that could reach the stratosphere. We are now talking about the job New York Jets cornerbacks are doing.

2011 will likely go down as the season the great Nnamdi Asomugha-Darrelle Revis debate was settled. While Asomugha has been up and down with the Eagles, Revis is currently allowing a passer rating below 3 to quarterbacks throwing his way. There are just no words to describe Revis. He constantly dominates the best receivers in the NFL. He lines up everywhere. He excels playing in every type of coverage. He probably cannot claim the title of best ever at this point, but he will someday if he continues to dominate this way in a day and age where rules are designed to give receivers every advantage.

Antonio Cromartie is quietly putting up an excellent season across from Revis. Cro's hiccups have been noticable, but aside from those few, he has been really good. There have been penalty problems, but at least half of those calls against him look suspect.

Kyle Wilson has emerged after a rough rookie season as a rock solid nickel.

Even with the up and down Donald Strickland below these guys on the depth chart, how could anybody not approve of these corners? You have to go four deep before you find a guy not playing at an extremely high level.