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Hypothetical Debate Time: Godfather Package for Andrew Luck?

Some people have mentioned their hope the Jets explore the possibility of adding Peyton Manning this offseason. It seems like wishful thinking to me. I am sure the Jets will make an effort if it is possible, but there is a good chance it will not be.

Let me turn our discussion to another possibility. Imagine the Colts feel Manning is healthy and instead of adding Luck, they want to stock their roster with talent to take a few more shots at the end of his career. Imagine they called up the Jets and told them they could have the pick and Andrew Luck in exchange for a monster package of their 2012 first and second round picks, their 2013 first round pick, and Mark Sanchez. Suppose for a second they think they can groom Sanchez behind Manning for a few years, have their guy of the future, and stock their roster with young talent.

Should the Jets pull the trigger on such a trade? It all depends on their evaluation of Luck. If you think he is as good as the hype and can be the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you do it in a second. An elite franchise quarterback trumps all needs and is worth a boatload of other players. I would rather have Brady/Manning than an All Pro at three other positions. Luck is as polished as any college quarterback in a long time and could be ready to step in from day one to succeed. It certainly would create a ton of buzz around the Jets and sell tickets as well. Believe it or not, with the new rookie scale, this would also create extra cap room for the Jets.

What do you think. I don't want to hear, "This would never happen," in the comments. I acknowledge this might not be an option. We cannot say for sure because we do not know what the Colts' front office will look like at that point in time. I want to know whether you think this is something that the Jets should take if offered. If not, what package if any should interest them?