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Jarron Gilbert Back on Practice Squad

We have a minor move at the back end of the Jets' roster. Jarron Gilbert is back on the practice squad as per Jenny Vrentas.

Did I miss this somewhere? The Jets re-added DL/TE Jarron Gilbert to PS Thurs and cut WR Dexter Jackson.

Why do the Jets keep cutting guys only to re-sign them? Is a guy not either worth developing or not worth developing? I am sure there is a good reason for this, and I am just overthinking this.

I like seeing Gilbert back, though. I think the Jets are stocked with young talent along the defensive line, but Gilbert has ridiculous athleticism. He has shown flashes of potential when he has been on the field, even if most of his work was during preseason. The Jets were reportedly also working him as a tight end earlier this year so maybe they will give him another go in that area, although I would not expect a guy as new to the position as he is to make an impact for those of you rooting for somebody to replace Matthew Mulligan.