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Should Offensive Linemen Be Included in Fantasy Football?

Matt Slauson's touchdown the other night got me thinking. Should offensive linemen have a seat at the fantasy football table? It might be tough to have individual players taken, but they could be taken as a unit like defenses are. Maybe they could get so many points for allowing so many sacks in the same way defenses get fantasy points based on the number of points they allow in games. They could also score based on rushing yardage.

Touchdowns like Slauson's could count for extra. It reminds me of a game in 2004 when I had Adam Vinateri as my famtasy kicker. The Patriots ran a fake field goal against the Rams that resulted in Vinateri throwing a touchdown pass. My team was credited with that touchdown pass along with everything he produced that day as a kicker.

What do you think? It seems like every other position is represented in fantasy football.