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How I Would Fix the Jets

With that loss, things start to get very murky for our playoff hopes. There is still a chance we can pull out a miracle run, but I'm not counting on it. We need help in a lot of places, from the coaches on down to the QB. Where should I start?



The Best way to send a message is to fire someone. The 1st person on the chopping block is Mr. Shotty. This offense has gotten worse the last 3 years. This falls squarely on Shotty's shoulders. Shotty's firing will send a clear message to the offense that things need to change or this is what happens. I don't think the Jets should go outside of the organization for his replacement. I would look to our O-line coach, Bill Callahan.


Mark shouldn't get off scott free. I don't want him fired. I want him pressured. With only Brunell in there to challenge Mark's job, there is no pressure. We can change this right away by drafting another QB. The guy I would look for is Nick Foles out of Arizona. He is a large pocket passer, with a big arm. Depending on how bad we finish, he should be available in the 2nd round. His presence on the team will put pressure on Sanchez to either perform or ride the pine. I like the idea of getting a vet QB instead of drafting one. If the money is right, than why not. My pick would either be Shaun Hill or Jason Campbell: Suggestions by John B/Timmaht


This is still our biggest need going into 2012. Our pass rush is almost as embarrassing as our offense against the Broncos. Getting to the QB is key to taking this D to a new level. We might have 1st dibs on a pass rusher depending on our record. A 1st round pick going for Courtney Upshaw would be my recommendation. He has the size to do a decent job against the run as well as rush the passer. I wouldn't mind doubling up on this position later in the draft.


Our safeties can't cover a jar of jam. We need help here desperately. This position can be taken care of in either the draft or free agency. For the sake of going with experience, I would get a free agent replacement. Two guys that jump out at me are Thomas DeCoud (Falcons) and Charles Godfrey (Panthers). Either of these guys would be a major improvement over Eric Smith.


If Plaxico is let go after this year, we will be in the hunt for another big man. I would keep him around just for the sake of keeping some familiarity in the receiving core. If Plax does leave, there are a number of big guys in the draft we could nab. One guy that I like is Marvin McNutt out of Iowa. If Plax stays, we shouldn't be content with the guys we have for Mark to throw to. We can add another big TE to the mix in case Our guys don't think Cumberland will make it back. If this is the case, the TE of Stanford, Coby Fleener, would compliment Keller wonderfully.


The Hunter experiment should be coming to an end soon. It hasn't worked out well at all. We can actually save some money by cutting Hunter at the end of the season. I wouldn't leave Vlad alone at RT though. I would draft a guy like Mike Ryan out of UConn. He has put together a decent year, and could be a sleeper for the mid rounds. We should also pick up some vet help at this position. A guy like Barnes out of the Raiders could step into that position.

Wrap up:




Bill Callahan I like the idea of only making Callahan the interim OC. If things change than great, if not, we should look outside the organization at year's end. 


Wayne Hunter , Eric Smith


Sione PouhaJim LeonhardLaDainian TomlinsonRobert TurnerPlaxico Burress, Nick FolkBrodney Pool, Aaron MaybinDonald StricklandPatrick Turner

Let Go:

Bryan Thomas, Kevin O'Connell, Mark Brunell, Jamaal Westerman, Cole

Free Agents:

Thomas DeCoud, Khalif Barnes, Shaun Hill


1st: Cortney Upshaw DE/OLB

2nd Marvin McNutt WR

3rd Colby Fleener TE

4th: Mike Ryan OT

5th: Shane Skov LB

6th: Kyle Martens P

7th: Greg McCoy CB