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Jets Show They Stink

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The Jets are a terrible football team. They might be 5-5, but don't let the record fool you. They stink. They somehow lost tonight to the worst quarterback in the league.

Maybe it is for the best. I told you a while back the worst thing that could happen to this team would be to sneak into the Playoffs and lose early. That would give the team cause to ignore some fundamental problems. Many things need to change. Some favored people in the organization need to go.

Back in 2009 I prematurely declared the Jets dead when they fell to 4-6. I will not do that again because it is possible in theory they could win their last six games, but it is also possible in theory I will see a pig flying outside tomorrow. Right now the two seem about as likely as each other.

I will have the official recap up when I can get it up.

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