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New York Jets at Denver Broncos Second Half Thread

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It is tied 3-3 at the half. As the score would indicate, Denver's offense is doing next to nothing on the Jets.  The defense constantly had to defend a short field due to various offensive and special teams issues and stood tall. Denver's only points were set up by a shanked T.J. Conley punt. The unit surrendered some yardage on the first series, but the Broncos have struggled to get anything going since.

he Jets offense looks a bit better but is not finishing drives. In other words, it is your typical game with the New York Jets on offense. It starts up front. The offensive line has been spotty protecting the passer and really bad getting any push in the run game. Shonn Greene was knocked out early, but I am not sure it really matters.

Leave your second half thoughts below. Do not post any illegal streams to the game.