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New York Jets at Denver Broncos Game Thread

The Jets return from a short break tonight. They are in action a mile above sea level against His Tebowness and the Denver Broncos.

This one is an important one for the Jets. After last week's debacle against the Patriots, their margin for error the rest of the way in both the division and conference is either zero or close to it.

Looking at these teams on paper, the Jets give the Broncos a ton of problems. Frankly, this should be a comfortable win. There are a number of intangible factors that favor the Broncos including a potential hangover after a crushing loss, a short week, a long trip, one of the loudest crowds in the league, and the altitude.

Leave your thoughts below. I know a lot of people do not have NFL Network, but the normal rules apply. That means no linking to illegal streams of the game.

(PS Don't forget that this game is on PIX 11 if you live in the New York area and do not get NFL Network.)