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Flight Connections 11-17-11


The Metro: We love HC Rex Ryan for being himself.

Newsday: It's way too early to judge QB Mark Sanchez.

WR Santonio Holmes remembers the win in Denver last year.

WR Eron Riley is a former Denver Bronco.

Will RB Bilal Powell be active tonight?  I hope so, because I want to shout, "Pow!" when he makes a big play.

CB Darrelle Revis and RB Joe McKnight lead their positions in the AFC Pro Bowl Ballot.

New York Times: The Jets return to Denver with memories of a season-altering victory.

NBC New York: It's the wrong week for Jets cockiness.

Yahoo!: The Jets shouldn't disrespect Broncos QB Tim Tebow's popgun offense.

Associated Press: Will the Jets get Tebowed like others have?

Wall Street Journal: Stopping Tebow could cure the Jets' hangover.

The Fifth Down picks Gang Green to win.

Jets Insider previews the game.

Jets Junkie looks at Patriots QB Tom Brady against the Jets defense.

Greg Bishop talks to the parents of former Jets RB Thomas Jones.

Former Broncos TE Nate Jackson writes about hybrid tight ends.

Deadspin: The Packers are 9-0, and the 1972 Dolphins are already insufferable about it.


After the jump, this is what comes to mind when I think of Denver.


But Colorado is more than Denver.  There is also South Park:


And a little place called Aspen:


And this is the best I could find for the Rocky Mountains (mainly for lack of effort):