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Flight Connections 11-16-11


Find out how you can have breakfast with GM Mike Tannenbaum.

QB Mark Sanchez and HC Rex Ryan are still getting along.

QB Mark Brunell played the role of the mobile quarterback in practice.

OL Dennis Landolt issues a warning.

FB John Conner and RB Joe McKnight hung out with some fans recently.

LB Garrett McIntyre saw some extended playing time on Sunday.

The Brampton Guardian writes about OLB Jamaal Westerman.

William C. Rhoden questions the maturity of Mark.

Mark Freeman likes the Sanchise.

Jenny Vrentas looks back at the game.

Randy Lange writes about the players' schedules this week.

New York Times: For the Jets, the abbreviated turnaround may help.

Newsday: The Jets adjust their sights to the wild card.

Deadspin: How Rex created the new-look Patriots.

JetNation: The performance against the Patriots raises questions.

CBS New York: The Jets are lacking identity. The Broncos defense has the Jets' attention as well.

Broncos LB Lance Ball hails from Teaneck.

Broncos QB Tim Tebow is helping to build a hospital in the Philippines.

Jets Insider: The Broncos are more than just Tebow.

Jersey Jets Fan: If the Jets don't beat Tim, I may cry.

Associated Press: For the Broncos, winning ugly beats the alternative.

Former Jets P Ben Graham may be joining the Lions.

Ryan Alfieri thinks the Colts will go winless.  I think they're cursed for sitting out QB Peyton Manning against us.


QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh explains the short passing game after the jump.