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Game Ball: Fans at the Stadium

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There were some Jets who played well Sunday, but I have a tough time praising the team after that performance. Just like I did last year after the 45-3 fiasco, I am giving my game ball to the fans, specifically at MetLife Stadium with the exception of the guy who trash talked Rex Ryan.

From television, the stadium sounded very loud at the kickoff. The fans seemed to be there. The J-E-T-S chant came through as clear as I have ever heard it. They did their best to lift the team. They got there early and were amped up. They were let down and probably got home with little sleep for work and school on Monday.

It might be a small consolation, I am going to give them some recognition. They deserved to see something better. Because of this, they get my game ball over some of the standout players on the Jets.

Who gets yours?